Carola v. Gera

1954-1956 Student of Graphic art and sculpture at the Cologne College of Art under Prof. A. Wolff and Prof. Jaeckel; fashion- and costume-design under J. Rapmund
1957 Sculpure Class of Prof. Kindermann at the art school of Karlsruhe
1958-1960 Works in the Theater sculpture atelier of the metropolitan Opera of Frankfurt/M
1961-1963 Student at the Stuttgart Art School – Sculpure class of Prof. Heim and Prof. Hoflehner
1964-1984 Family-Phase
1985 Recommencement of her artistic work, concentrating on painting
since 1992 solo- and group-exhibitions in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands
1998 3rd price: International Art-Contest of the ‘MEWA-Group’, Wiesbaden
2001 ”Le Prix Artistique Sujet Personnages” at the 29th international Salon of Revin/F




Böblinger Kunstverein

Stuttgarter Künstlerbund

Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart